Taking back control after sleep deprivation

Taking back control after sleep deprivation

Was a very hard year for me, well so was 2016 to be honest! I would say that I am normally a very positive person, well I generally try to be anyway. I like to believe it and achieve it, the law of attraction is something I believe in, but this last year has really tested me and I truly lost my way…

Sleep deprivation can do that to you! I used to wake up miserable and tired, and then struggle to get back to being me during the day. Then go to bed with the hope of getting some sleep, but was then up every couple of hours…this would be my daily routine pretty much 7 days a week. I was not prepared for this and honestly didn’t know how to respond to my own body.

The bad days or should I say nights, really took over…Having a baby can really take it out of you especially when they just don’t like sleep!


Is the year I regain control, I no longer want to be a tired miserable zombie mum too tired to do anything or go anywhere. I have so much planned and I refuse to let sleep deprivation stop me.

My self care and mental health come first, so I have already started taking the steps to get this little lady to sleep. So far it’s going well, stay tuned for my blog post on my journey to a full nights sleep.

Im really excited for what 2018 has in store for me and my family, I will definitely be sharing my journey on here.

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