Planning a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party

Planning a Birthday party

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My little girl is 5! 5! Can you believe it…well you probably can because you don’t actually know us ha-ha but you get what I’m saying. Nya has been waiting to turn 5, pretty much since the day she turned 4. To her it was a really big birthday, and signified a big change in her life. I have no idea where this all came from, but I agree with her in the sense of a 5th birthday is definitely something to celebrate; and she loves parties so my girl is having a birthday party!

This year’s theme is Trolls as Nya has been pretty obsessed with them lately.

Trolls Birthday Party

The Venue

Planning a birthday party, can be so stressful but I’ve been trying to make this as stress free as possible. So firstly I booked a hall not far from my house and my daughter’s school; perfectly sized for a bouncy castle and plenty of space for the kids to run around. I felt that the location was important, to ensure as many of her local school friends could attend as possible.

The Invitations

When we decided to have a party for Nya, I definitely did not consider how many children she would want to to invite. I mean with her school friends, dance class and family, she invited 36 children in total! This gave me slight anxiety, that was a lot of children. I can’t wait until next year when Nya can write her own invitations as writing this many invitations took forever. We opted for these inline with the theme.

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The Decorations

This was the fun part! We went for the full on troll theme! All the colour’s that she loves pink, purple and turquoise. We had a troll bouncy castle, troll cardboard cutouts, multi coloured balloons scattered everywhere, the works!!

Trolls Birthday Party

The Cake 

As we had invited so many people we ended up getting 2 cakes. A Troll cake and an infamous Costco cake. Now if you never had a Costco cake, I would definitely recommend it! They are absolutely huge! Kids are very demanding when it comes to cake, I learnt this during the party lol.

Trolls Birthday Cake

The Food

In line with keeping things as simple as possible, I opted for a nice finger buffet, with so many children running around I thought this would be the least stressful option. We had all the normal stuff sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, fruit and sweets. I also kept a running hot buffet of chicken nuggets, fish fingers and chips…So everyone was well fed! The kids were definitely happy!

Party Games

I handed the responsibility of keeping the kids entertained over to my daughter’s aunties. They did so well!!…. Got the kids involved in several games of pass the parcel and musical statues. To be honest the kids were so happy just bouncing on the bouncy castle, they didn’t need much else. We also had a quiet corner with a colouring table for when the kids wanted to chill out for a minute. The star of the show had to be our face painter, who was amazing with the kids.

Face Painter - Kids Party

Party Bags

I was trying so hard to think outside of the box on this one, I’m fed up of the same boring party bags being given out at parties. So I decided to create themed thank you colouring pack, containing the following:

Troll Party Bag

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I cant lie, planning a birthday party was really hard work but totally worth it! I actually cant wait to do it all again next year! Turning 5 was a really big milestone for Nya, in her eyes so much would change read my letter to my 5 year old here!

Birthday Party

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  1. I love party planning, we have had some great themes over the years -Gruffalo, Lion King, Swallows and Amazons, Octonauts.Harry Potter for us this year x

  2. Loved this post, I love planning parties for my boys as well. It the little things that count. I always think outside of the box as well. One year I gave out little plant packs for children to grow a little plant and cake mix jars which I had measured out myself. Trolls is a great colourful theme and it looked like she had fun

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