Help! – My Child is being naughty at school

Child being naughty at school

My daughter Nya is a good girl most of the time; she does like to push her luck and is very opinionated. Saying that I don’t feel like she’s ever been a really naughty child, especially not naughty at school. Which makes this new behaviour, so confusing? Even during her many years at nursery, we never had complaints of a … Read More

Book Review – The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

Little girl who lost her name review

The little girl who lost her name The little girl who lost her name by wonderbly books; is probably thee most magical children’s story book I have come across. My eldest is a bit of a book worm and has a mini library in her bedroom. So I have read though quite a few children’s stories. Both my girls have … Read More

Mem and Laz Angel

Mem and Laz Angel Not to long ago, me and the girls met up for a much needed catch up! Mem and Laz was the place on the agenda…I love Turkish cuisine so was quite excited. Let me start with the décor…I was actually confused at first, Mem and Laz is part of a small strip of restaurants in Angel Islington that … Read More

Ten things I wish I’d known before getting pregnant.

PREGNANCY STRUGGLES Some of the conversations I’ve had with other mum’s, mum’s to be and…in-fact lets just say women. The general consensus around pregnancy is that there is so many pregnancy struggles that aren’t spoken about, but not everyone wants to share their gory details. I feel that if I’d had known some of the below before becoming pregnant; it … Read More

Taking back control after sleep deprivation

2017 Was a very hard year for me, well so was 2016 to be honest! I would say that I am normally a very positive person, well I generally try to be anyway. I like to believe it and achieve it, the law of attraction is something I believe in, but this last year has really tested me and I … Read More

Sheesh Chigwell

The Amazing Sheesh This restaurant has been recommended to me soooooo many times! As I write this I’m actually wondering why it took me so long to get there! Anyway, that doesn’t matter now, as hubby and I finally made it to sheesh a couple of weeks ago. On arrival, as you drive along the road the restaurant is easy … Read More

My Breastfeeding Experience


Breastfeeding is something that I’ve always known I was going to do wayyyy before even thinking about actually trying for a baby, let alone actually being pregnant. What I wasn’t prepared for was the breastfeeding struggles I would face… My first experience of breastfeeding. It wasn’t easy and it definitely didn’t come completely natural to me, I really struggled with … Read More

How To Stay Sane When Travelling With Young Children!

Travelling with young children

Travelling as an adult can be stressful, let alone travelling with a couple of kids in tow. Mine are 9 months and 4 years old, and my partner and I recently flew with them to Grenada. So after surviving the 11 hour flight, yep the flight was 11 hours!! Including an hour stopover in St Lucia, I thought I’d share … Read More