Sheesh Chigwell

The Amazing Sheesh

This restaurant has been recommended to me soooooo many times!
As I write this I’m actually wondering why it took me so long to get there! Anyway, that doesn’t matter now, as hubby and I finally made it to sheesh a couple of weeks ago.

On arrival, as you drive along the road the restaurant is easy to miss, it just looks like and unused pub, but as you turn into the car park wow is all I can say! Once you get through the gates, the giant gold elephant and giraffe will be the first thing you see…

As you walk in the décor is even more beautiful…

We were seated right opposite the Charcoal Grill, which was situated at the end of the main restaurant. I loved watching the chefs preparing the food. The service was excellent, the staff are very attentive from when you enter right up until when you leave.
We started with cocktails, I opted for the strawberry daiquiri and hubby got a Mojito. Both were so fresh tasting, I’m pretty sure they used home grown ingredients.

We didn’t get a starter, I felt like the selection was disappointing and so we went straight to the mains.
Which were huge! We both got Mixed Grills, we wasn’t sure wether to get 2 portion of rice or not. The waiter suggested we get one and go from there. The portions were so big, we did only need the one.

The quality of the meat, was impressive really tender and juicy, you can really tell they used good quality ingredients. I love going out to eat, but I hate that after taste you get where you are so thirsty afterwards. Like they’ve added so much salt that it dehydrates me, well this didn’t happen…at all!

Dessert was lovely, a smooth chocolate cheesecake.

Overall, sheesh is an amazing experience and I would recommend it. 8/10

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